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Specializing in Providing Services to
the Federal Government





Audit Services

We are Yellow Book Auditors, It’s our Bread and Butter

Castro & Company has significant experience performing Federal audits in accordance with Government Auditing Standards (the Yellow Book). We have extensive knowledge of Federal audit and accounting regulations and standards.

We provide a full range of Audit & Attest Services Including:

Chief Financial Officers (CFO) Act Audits
Accountability of Tax Dollars Act (ATDA) Audits
Performance and Compliance Audits
Grant Audits
DCAA Contract Audits
IT Audits
Agreed-Upon Procedures


Tailored and optimized to meet the specific requirements and objectives of your agency

Castro & Company will be your valued advisor. Our winning formula involves quickly understanding what is needed, deploying an exceptional team, and implementing a comprehensive and flexible management approach to deliver both direct support and strategic insight.

Just as strategic capability, flexibility, and strong quality and risk management oversight are qualities required of agency leaders involved in resolution operations, our team’s comprehensive management approach also includes these capabilities to support and enhance the delivery of multiple tasks of varying scope, complexity, and magnitude. Our management approach is tailored and optimized to meet the specific requirements and objectives of your agency.

We provide a full range of advisory services including:

OMB Circular A-123 Internal Control Compliance
Enterprise Risk Management
Audit Readiness and Remediation
Financial Management
Financial Statement Compilations and Analysis
Audit Liaison Services
Policy and Procedures Development
Improper Payment Reviews


Knowledgeable, experienced, and education related

Castro & Company personnel demonstrate the knowledge, experience, and education related to Federal accounting requirements, including having working knowledge of the USSGL, FTR, FAR, Prompt Payment Act, Appropriations Law, and Treasury Rules and Reporting.

We provide a full range of accounting services including:

Accounting Operations Support
General Ledger Support
Reconciliation Assistance
Travel Disbursement Support
Budget Preparation
CFO Staff Augmentation
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